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Your first stop for information and other goodies. A bestseller and must read!

by Joselle
Oct 1, 2013 22:09:05 GMT -8

To be read for full comprehension of the RP, files that pertain to RPing itself. Learn how this world is set up!

by Captain
Mar 2, 2013 15:42:08 GMT -8

This is where you can post a thread for some Help & Support. You will also find the FAQ here, which may or may not be of interest (read the FAQ!)

001 : FAQ
by Asunara Wisdom
Jan 3, 2013 12:19:49 GMT -8

You will see official Announcements here about any updates to the site/events/etc, including Activity Checks and OTMs. You will also be able to see the latest Character Trackings, written journalism style. Be jealous as other people complete missions before you.

Announcements, Activity Checks, OTMs

AC Sweep {March}
by Derp
Mar 26, 2015 19:40:54 GMT -8

The men and women with the highest ranks possible gather here. Do not try to eavesdrop, you will regret it.

Reception Desk

This is where you will find your Application. You turn in your application here, in hopes of being accepted.


by Derp
Mar 23, 2015 19:58:09 GMT -8

This is where all Accepted files will go. The Agency will definitely keep your personal information into account.

Demetrio Carlos Fortuna | Portugal || [complete]
by Worldie
Mar 5, 2015 0:41:01 GMT -8

This is where one may Plot with others and decide the next course of action.

come listen to some fado
by Derp
Mar 13, 2015 10:43:17 GMT -8

Where one can keep Track of their daily actions and keep themselves organized.

The People Map

So Kat doesn't forget everything...
by Feliciano Vargas
Nov 2, 2014 15:40:04 GMT -8
Break Bar

DO YOU HAVE TALENT? FABULOUS. SO DOES EVERYONE ELSE! So this is the perfect place to do art trades and fic trades! Spread out your ship, share it to the world. Be nice and courteous to each other, which goes with saying 'treat others with respect'.

Misso's Coding Palace
by Chelsea M. Anderson-Kirkland
Nov 21, 2014 15:09:12 GMT -8

Here is where you can get some constructive criticism or praise. This is for the sake of learning and improving.

* Don't post if you can't take criticism
* Don't criticize people who have not posted
* No insults, racial slurs, non-constructive criticism, etc.
* Be friendly and courteous!
* You may provide criticism or praise as an anon.

Yes, I Know How Fast I'm Going
by Era Kastrati
Mar 27, 2015 21:04:12 GMT -8

This is where you will find the Completed mission threads among other things.

[Cbox Event] Party Hard
by Worldie
Dec 24, 2014 11:12:07 GMT -8

Go on, go purchase your martini or beer like the classy people we know you are. Chat with your fellow human beings. Talking OOC and forum games are welcomed here~

Memorable Cbox Moments (and also typos)
by Astrit Zupan
Mar 8, 2015 19:46:38 GMT -8

This is where all of the members can post their stories and any other various works of art. Not to mention, art request threads or template request threads.

Sve's Sporking Chamber
by Niklaas de Vries
Mar 3, 2015 10:17:11 GMT -8

Upload your pictures of your characters, otps, other fanart, and stuff alll here.

by west
May 1, 2014 14:33:27 GMT -8

Busy with life beyond the screen? We understand. Post here if you're on a hiatus or if you're dropping out.

Being an Intern
by Worldie
Mar 30, 2015 20:21:44 GMT -8

This is where you may post your ads or request to be an affiliate of ours. Guest-friendly!


The Unfounded Kingdom - a log horizon rp
by Avalon
Mar 29, 2015 2:56:10 GMT -8

Where all dead or unwanted threads go.

misso plays with and shows off her coding
by Chelsea M. Anderson-Kirkland
Nov 14, 2014 19:32:11 GMT -8
Major Arcs
Operation Clover

The Kirklands are in trouble, and Seamus is the cause. Donald trudges on with the weight of his sins, yet he will have to find a way to break the chains to kick Seamus' ass.

Additional Threads, OOC/Fanwork

Scene 5 || Left Behind
by Feliks Łukasiewicz
Mar 2, 2015 19:49:44 GMT -8
Communication Networks

Yep if you want to leave a call or have a quick chat, go ahead and post it here. Only post with the name of the receiver on the thread title, so that it is only between you and them! It is meant to be a private conversation, yes? No need for interference.

[Text] Everyone
by Mihai Chimet
Nov 5, 2013 14:45:59 GMT -8

That's right, this is where all of the blogs, facebook, mmorpgs, and other internet things go. You can chat up people and message them about an Episode of Doctor Who, or watch porn. It is a free for all; just be careful to not get viruses.


If we... || Internet Meme (18+)
by Derp
Feb 4, 2015 1:26:48 GMT -8

For the things you have downloaded onto your phone.

by Lucille Nibourette
Dec 3, 2014 16:51:28 GMT -8
The City of London

A residential estate within the City, it's adjacent to, or contains, an arts centre for arts and drama, the Museum of London, and many others of the like. It's very close within the financial sector of the City and has three towers and one of them is the Cromwell. The other two are practically replicas.

Fugitive Pieces [Herc and Feli}
by Heracles Karpusi
Feb 2, 2015 1:06:16 GMT -8

Being known as "the City", many insurance institutions and global companies have their headquarters in the heart of Greater London. A perfect place to join the world of stock, shares, and bonds; a dark place for economic corruption; a perfect target for an attack.

Hidden Agenda {{Lukas&Mihai
by Lukas Bondevik
Jan 20, 2015 13:01:13 GMT -8

Come in and come all! The Fortuna Magnus welcomes everyone of all backgrounds as it is a place for rest of one's soul and to heighten your experiences depending on what you do. It's said that the casino is ran by none other than a princess, but who would really believe that?

[Past] Butts || Francis
by Francis Bonnefoy
Dec 23, 2014 15:14:55 GMT -8

Guildhall is the ceremonial and administrative centre of the City of London and its Corporation. It houses offices for the City of London Corporation and various public facilities. It serves as the town hall for the City of London. However, please don't refer to it as "the" Guildhall.

Cavorting with the Devil [Mi&Arthur]
by Arthur Kirkland
Dec 14, 2014 11:34:00 GMT -8

Fancy an international trip? Here is where you go, let it be for fun, for business, or for anything else. The airport is always bustling with people, going in, out, and about. Expect a bit of rushed and rude bunches of people heading your way.

Locations: Heathrow Airport
by Comish Senpai
Feb 20, 2013 17:23:50 GMT -8

One of the most famous and recognisable sights in London, St. Paul's Cathedral's dome is framed by the spires. Inside, giant paintings, woodword, ironwork, and pediments, it is perhaps, truly a work of art.

Belief is a Beautiful Armor (Nicoleta/Ludwig)
by Ludwig Beilschmidt
Mar 24, 2015 14:08:28 GMT -8

Deep beneath the city of London, even go pass those train tracks and one would find themselves in a cesspool of human matter. It stinks badly and it's either someone throws you down the hole, or you ran out of money and got thrown down also.

Locations: Underground
by Comish Senpai
Dec 19, 2012 19:48:12 GMT -8
The City of Westminster

The new state-of-the-art, multimedia broadcasting centre! Of course, the description of the place is good, but it far exceeds the expectations it has. All the broadcasting rooms feature modern designing and a vending machine for the thirsty and hungry.

Locations: BBC Broadcasting House
by Comish Senpai
Jan 8, 2013 21:32:56 GMT -8

At the north end of the Palace of Westminster, is the clock tower known as Elizabeth Tower - otherwise known as Big Ben. The Great Bell is actually known as "Big Ben", but who's to say about the matter? Many films feature Big Ben in their movies if the setting is in the UK.

Tread Carefully, Darling [ open ]
by atheleia
Aug 9, 2014 19:01:35 GMT -8

Heavily guarded by trained members of the military and even the agents of MI6a the British monarch lives here. Many court ceremonies are here with garden parties, receptions, audiences, and banquets that has about 50,000 people come every year. Be warned, one does not simply scroll into the Palace. God save the Queen.

Locations: Buckingham Palace
by Comish Senpai
Dec 13, 2012 22:01:19 GMT -8

A neighbourhood in central London, it's a mix of residential, business, retail, education, healthcare, and the like. Of course, unlike other areas of the city, you have smaller buildings instead of skyscrapers, not many are still attracted to this district.

An Apple for Your Eye {Marcello}
by Úna Stuart
Feb 24, 2015 12:22:43 GMT -8

The Palace of Westminster is the meeting place of the House of Commons and the House of Lords, the two houses of the Parliament. It retains its status as a royal residence as the Old Palace was destroyed by fire. It's always under high security even after recent breaches in security.

Locations: Palace of Westminster
by Comish Senpai
Dec 13, 2012 22:12:41 GMT -8

This is a place to seek solace and quiet adventures. Get lost in a bit of nature--or perhaps dive into a pool of fun at the Zoo, aquarium, or the planetarium and more! It's an idea place to go on a date because it provides the best of both worlds.

Forever and a Day of Storms and Shelter [Ludwig/Carmen]
by Ludwig Beilschmidt
Mar 24, 2015 14:46:34 GMT -8

No you gits, Scotland Yard is located in Victoria, a district in the City of Westminster. It's the main headquarters of the Metropolitan Police Service - apparently they like naming things based of the fictional series, "Sherlock Holmes".

Bang and Blame { Amos }
by Amos Knyarilay
Mar 4, 2015 13:19:55 GMT -8

Connecting Westminster to Chelsea or Lambeth, these bridges cross over the River Thames, each bridge looking slightly different from each other. There are seven bridges and three are known as Chelsea, Grosvenor, and Vauxhall.

Just Keep Swimming [Wes, Nesia]
by Westley Walters-Kirkland
Feb 25, 2015 22:56:32 GMT -8

Mayhaps that it is one of the most visited attractions in London, who's the say? It was built for the sole purpose of commemorating the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. In the center stands Nelson’s Column, surrounded by various sculptures.

Smaradahana || Niklaas - Past
by Nesia Notonegoro
Oct 17, 2014 0:01:15 GMT -8
Kensington and Chelsea

A hospital dedicated to helping its patients, it has many services such as surgery, children's care, and even therapy. The staff is friendly and helpful and even people can volunteer to help. It is a place of neutral ground and thus, it shall be this way forever.

Can't Wait to Go Home || Westley
by Katyusha Chernenko
Nov 1, 2014 0:58:07 GMT -8

It's a road in South Kensington, London that provides access to many significant institutions on the national scale. You can find the Victoria and Albert Museum, Imperial College London, and the Royal Geographical Society. Feel enlightened as you scroll through the road.

A Peaceful Place to Study [Astrit]
by Charlotte Delprat
Mar 23, 2015 18:29:16 GMT -8

A very exclusive road, it runs along the south side of Hyde Park and spans through the City of Westminster and Kensington and Chelsea. It's an ultra-expensive residential area that's actually a target for high-profile crime. Be careful... if you're the ones who are causing said crimes or those walking around.

And So It All Began (Gilbert/Marianne)(Past)
by Gilbert Fredrick Beilschmidt
Dec 7, 2014 17:17:43 GMT -8

The very street that holds the largest carnival in Europe. It's an annual event each August, over three days. They're lead by the West Indian community that attracts over one million people a year. Other than that, it's a cosmopolitan district and home of the Protobello Road Market.

Slice of Life [Open]
by Amos Knyarilay
Jan 22, 2015 1:02:39 GMT -8

A major London street that runs north to south, it has long been a fashionable shopping street, especially the northern section of the street. It's actually on par with Bond Street, the most exclusive shopping street for two centuries. You have stores like Rolce & Dobbana, Pucchi, and Louis Venson.

And the Peace is Shattered // Wes
by Kyle Kirkland
Mar 14, 2015 20:59:02 GMT -8

Taking its name from a public house, World's End is a housing district within Kensington and Chelsea. The Cremome Estate was erected with new social housing and soon, red brick towards swept away the many Victorian terraced homes. A very expensive place to live you know.

Razzle dazzle 'em, and they'll never catch wise! {Mi&Nico}
by Nicoleta
Dec 19, 2014 20:23:01 GMT -8
Borough of Lambeth

Ah the London Eye, who does not love a giant Ferris wheel that is at the banks of the River Thames? The London Eye has the same purpose as the Eiffel Tower, to allow the people to reach to heights above the city. Now, take a ride or plot something against those tourists.

What goes up [Demetrio/Nik]
by Demetrio Fortuna
Mar 29, 2015 15:51:11 GMT -8

Otherwise known as the MI6 Building, the home for the British Secret Intelligence Service. It's also known as Legoland or "Babylon-on-Thames"... Yes witty humour. Many people work within this building, be it researchers or agents themselves - they all have a common goal: protect their homeland.

Members of the public are restricted of access for security reasons.

The Pros and Cons of Breathing { Nesia }
by Nesia Notonegoro
Mar 2, 2015 2:49:37 GMT -8

A community theatre that presents more than twenty-two shows in two auditoria, the "Bell Theatre" and the "black box theatre". There's a private basement bar that's open 363 nights a year as the plays themselves include all genres.

Locations: South London Theatre
by Comish Senpai
Dec 19, 2012 20:22:21 GMT -8

Home of the SIS Building - otherwise known as headquarters for MI6, it's filled with light industry, offices, and government buildings. It's known for its Gay Village for their ever-increasing number of gay bars and nightclubs (and strip pub). It's probably a coverup anyway.

This Little Girl [Lucille]
by Charlotte Delprat
Jan 1, 2015 3:07:52 GMT -8

Originally known as the South Metropolitan Cemetery, it is the first cemetery in the world to use the Gothic style. The structures are rather pretty by daylight but it gets ominous by the time night falls. This place is well-guarded to keep stupid teenagers out but there are ways to get in. You might regret it though.

The Haunting Hour (Gilbert/Open)
by Alfred F. Jones
Feb 22, 2015 13:38:06 GMT -8
Borough of Hackney

An important transport and shopping centre, it's also an entertainment centre. There are the Labyrinth Nighclub, Four Aces Blues Club, and Dalston Rio, one of the few cinemas left in East London.

Moshi Moshi Kiwi Desu || Open
by Westley Walters-Kirkland
Nov 11, 2013 2:07:15 GMT -8

Home to many clubs, bars, shops, and restaurants, these two areas lie within Hackney with Hoxton Square being the central point. The Tudor theatre lies in Shoreditch while Hoxton has the Westminster University flats.

Hey Bartender! [Gilbert and Feli]
by Gilbert Fredrick Beilschmidt
Mar 29, 2015 3:18:09 GMT -8

A London venue that features live contemporary jazz that started in 1987 and was located in Stoke Newington Church Street, but you know, it was relocated. Jazz is very smoothing.

Locations: Vortex Jazz Club
by Comish Senpai
Dec 19, 2012 20:23:36 GMT -8
Borough of Southwark

Located in southeast London as a large housing estate, it's considered to be one of the most notorious estates in the United Kingdom. It's normally used to show a typical example of urban decay. It's an area where crime is highly prevalent where the Sun Press claimed that a crime was happening every four hours.

Sweet the Rain's New Fall [Open]
by Katyusha Chernenko
Mar 11, 2015 1:26:49 GMT -8

A wholesale and retail food market, it sells food from all over the world. Of course, there are new stalls being added, such as fine food retail. It's located on Southwark Street and Borough High Street, south of the Southwark Cathedral on the southern end of London Bridge.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs {Emma}
by Era Kastrati
Feb 22, 2015 16:19:06 GMT -8

It's the city hall of Greater London, that's in an unusual bulbous shape, purportedly intended to reduce its surface area - aka, it looks like a misshapen egg. It's located on the River Thames that is a part of a development known as More London, that includes offices and shops.

No posts have been made on this board.
Borough of Tower Hamlets

Known as the HSBC Group Head Office, it's a skyscraper that serves as the global headquarters for the HBSK Group. There are about 100,000 square metres, there's a staff restaurant, there are 180,000 tonnes of concrete, and 14,000 tonnes of steel.

Locations: 8 Canada Square
by Comish Senpai
Dec 19, 2012 21:55:42 GMT -8

It is a major business district and is one of the two financial centres of London. It contains many of the UK's tallest buildings. It became the headquarters of numerous banks, services firms, and media organisations including Barclams, Citygroup, Credit Susan, and others. It's located in the West India Docks.

[Mission] Food Delivery
by Westley Walters-Kirkland
Aug 2, 2014 23:32:06 GMT -8

Former island in the East End of London, this dock is separated from an inlet of the River Thames by some forty metres on infilled land. It's known as the Stepney Marsh, the "Panorama of London". It's an area of social extremes, where it's both the most prosperous and the most deprived areas in the country.

The Empire of Setting Sun || Ivan - Past
by Nesia Notonegoro
Jan 7, 2015 14:14:08 GMT -8

Known as Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress, it's a historic castle on the north bank of the River Thames. It used to be a royal residence before it turned into a prison, a grim dark prison. Now it's used to attract tourists to hold the Crown Jewels. Even thinking about stealing these will cause an uproar.

Locations: Tower of London
by Comish Senpai
Dec 21, 2012 15:35:32 GMT -8

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